We have many successful Freelance Members on Audition Magic

When a Client sends a brief through Audition Magic, depending on the type of job they are casting for, they usually send it to Agencies for suggestions on suitable talent for the roles being cast within the brief. This is simply how many of our Clients prefer to work within our Industry. However, they can also select to send their brief to Freelance Members on Audition Magic if they wish to cast a wider net across our database. This is completely at the Client's discretion, and does often depend on the type of job they are casting for.

If the Client has selected to send their brief to Freelance Members on Audition Magic this means that if YOU match the age range, gender and location for the roles being cast, you will receive that brief and have the option to respond to it by submitting your Audition Magic Profile to suitable roles being cast. The brief will contain all the information you need regarding Client contact information, Location and Shooting dates and times for the job, as well as Payment Details and Agreements.

Remember you must be on a paid membership with Audition Magic in order to submit yourself to any briefs you receive. If you are currently on a basic free membership, you can upgrade to a paid membership at any time which will allow you to instantly submit yourself to a brief you have received.


The Client will then receive your submission and review your Audition Magic Profile. If they feel you are suitable for a role being cast, they will contact you directly to advise you that you have been successful in gaining an Audition and provide you with a specific Audition day and time for you to come along and Audition for the role.


It's also important to remember that Industry Professionals are logging into Audition Magic on a daily basis to conduct searches through the database for Talent of a certain type/age/skill etc so you never know when your Audition Magic Profile is in front of a Client! Always ensure your Profile is as up to date as possible to assist you in appearing in as many of these searches possible!