This article is to assist regarding uploading media inside audition magic for an Artist/s.

IMPORTANT: When you upload media, this is 100% reliant on your internet service provider and your UPLOAD BANDWIDTH. Many ADSL connections have a great DOWNLOAD SPEED but poor UPLOAD SPEED, so this significantly increases your time to upload large files. Be sure to check if you can increase your UPLOAD speed with your provider to improve your upload times.

When you upload Media manually inside Audition Magic, you can upload files up to 150mb per file but often if Auditions are long or in HD they can be very large in file size.

There are some FREE Applications for compressing video files locally on your computer, you simply select the files and then select the format you want to compress to, they will process the files and save off compressed files at sometimes 1/10 of the size they were originally without any quality lost !

MIRO VIDEO CONVERTER is a great option for compressing your files



When selecting the format to export to , select Apple iPhone 5 this is still HD 1280 x 720 pixels and fits perfectly in Audition magic.

e.g: A 56mb file comes down 16mb after compression using this tool, thats 1/3 of the original size so can be very helpful for reducing upload times.